Sweets Revenge Bakery

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Samoa Cupcake: Vanilla Coconut cake filled with Dulce De Leche, topped with chocolate ganache, toasted coconut, caramel butter cream and drizzled in caramel.


Samoa:  Vanilla Coconut cake filled with Dulce De Leche, topped with chocolate ganache, toasted coconut, caramel butter cream and drizzled in caramel. (P)

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate cake baked around a Reese Peanut Butter cup, topped with chocolate peanut butter butter cream and chopped peanut butter cups.

The Red Carpet: Red velvet cake topped with a cream cheese frosting.

Irish Car Bombs: Chocolate Guinness Stout cake, filled with a Jameson Whisky ganache topped with a Bailey's Irish Cream butter cream frosting. (P) (C)

Orange Dream: Orange cake with a cream filling topped with an orange butter cream.

Strawberry Short Cake: Vanilla cake filled with diced strawberries topped with a whipped cream frosting. (P)

Campfire Delights: Chocolate cake topped with a toasted marshmallow frosting garnished with a graham cracker and Hershey bar. (P)

Child's Play: Vanilla cotton candy cake topped with a cotton candy butter cream frosting.

5 O'clock Somewhere: Margarita cake topped with a zesty lime butter cream. (C)

Pina Colada: Pineapple cake topped with a coconut butter cream. (P) (C)

Prince of Darkness: Dark chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate butter cream. (P)

Caramel Get Up: Chai tea latte cake topped with a chai tea caramel cream cheese frosting.

Amaretto Sour: Orange cake infused with Amaretto topped with an amaretto frosting. (C)

Sex In The City: Cosmopolitan flavored cake topped with a cosmopolitan butter cream. (C)

Banana Split: Chocolate cake topped with a pineapple whipped cream frosting topped with chocolate and strawberry drizzle and a cherry on top. (P)

The Devil's Playground: Chocolate cake with a cyan chili kick topped with a spicy chocolate butter cream.

Cookies-N-Cream: Classic vanilla cake with chocolate cookies topped with a cookie butter cream frosting.

Zachary's Mocha Madness: Chocolate espresso cake topped with a vanilla bean butter cream and topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean. (P)

Boston Cream: Classic yellow cake filled with vanilla pudding topped with a chocolate ganache. (P)

Welcome To Hogwarts: Butterscotch infused cake topped with a yummy butterbeer butter cream. (P)


Chocolate Chip     Peanut Butter     Sugar   Linzer Tarts     Macadamia Nut     Double Chocolate

Character Cookies    Turtle Cookies   Wedding Cookies  


Apple     Cherry     Peach     Mincemeat     Pecan     Pumpkin     Lemon Meringue     Key Lime



Caramel Apple     Cherry     Pumpkin     Lemon     Blueberry


Original     Amaretto     Pumpkin     Chocolate     Snickers     Mint Chocolate Chip

We have many other flavors that may not be listed. If you can think it, we can make it!!!!!

*** Regular cupcakes are made with Hershey chocolate.

*** Premium cupcakes are made with either Lindt or Ghiradelli Chocolate

*** Cocktail cupcakes are alcohol infused cupcakes.

(P) - Premium Cupcake

(C) - Cocktail Cupcake.

When ordering a 1/2 dozen or a full dozen  you may mix 2 flavors. If you wish to order more than 2 flavors there will be an additional charge.